U.K. JUUL C1 Starter Kit


Buy U.K. JUUL C1 Starter Kit onlineU.K. JUUL C1 Starter Kit for sale

The JUUL C1 Starter Kit can be paired with the JUUL app to access features like Locate Your JUUL and Secure Your Device. APP only available for Android™ platform. It also has a stronger and more professional hit on your pods compared to the original device.

Includes four JUULpods 18mg/ml nicotine strength.
The “Usage Monitor” in the JUUL app is no longer available. Other app features, including JUUL Locator and Autolock, remain available for use.

The JUUL C1 Starter Kit includes:

• Rechargeable JUUL Device
• USB Charging Dock
• Four 2% JUULpods (Mango Nectar, Royal Creme, Golden Tobacco, and Glacier Mint)
• Two year limited device warranty


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