Best JUUL Pod Flavours

Best JUUL Pod Flavours


Since launching in 2015, Juul has become one of the most recognisable and revered vape brands in the world. Their sleek, slimline devices have given a multitude of adult smokers a cleaner, more modern alternative to nicotine consumption. Juul offers a single, eponymous vape device, which affords mature users a neat, minimal and stylish vaping experience. As well as the device itself, the brand offers users a range of vape pods in various flavours.

The technical specifications are the same across the whole range of pods, so the only decision you need to make is picking your preferred flavour.

● Each pack of Juul Pods contains four individual pods.
● Each individual pod holds 0.7ml of nic salts e-liquid (translates to roughly 200 draws per pod.)
● As such, nic salts are an ideal choice for smokers transitioning from cigarettes to vaping.
● Juul vape pods are available at a nicotine strength of 18mg/ml, meaning they are catered toward moderate to heavy nicotine users.

Sleek design, a premium price point, and a carefully selected range of refined flavours make Juul an exemplary choice for the mature vape user. Whether you’re a smoker looking to make the switch from cigarettes, or a seasoned vape fan looking for a high-quality backup device, Juul provides an unfussy nicotine experience that you can truly rely on.

5. JUUL Pods Menthol


The first flavour on our list aptly sets the tone for the Juul brand as a whole. Clean, crisp, and clearly defined, this classic flavour profile gets straight to the point.

Each draw from Menthol Juul pods delivers deft dual-action relief and refreshment. Savour a bright, soothing menthol flavour that is guaranteed to awaken the senses, and have you feeling invigorated and in control.

Using high-strength nic salts — which deliver fast-acting, long-lasting nicotine relief — the perennially palate-pleasing notes of menthol come through loud and clear in the form of bold, bright, full-bodied throat hits.

Smooth, sleek and stylish, Menthol Juul pods deliver a refreshing, straightforward flavour profile for those of us who know exactly what we want. Neither unduly sweet, nor unnecessarily cluttered, this is a crisp, contemporary classic, providing respectable, reliable respite for the mature, modern vape user.


4. JUUL Pods Alpine Berry


These vape pods blend a crisp mint flavour with fragrant fruit tones for a serene vaping experience that’s sure to clear your head and cleanse your spirit. Base notes of mixed, ripe, red berries lays the groundwork for a flavour profile that’s bold and bright, without ever becoming overbearing.

Allow yourself a brief — but pleasantly bracing — respite from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, as Alpine Berry Juul pods transport you to a lofty plane of cooling, cleansing refreshment. Bountiful berries supply a full-bodied, mouthwatering core flavour, with just a hint of subtle, natural sweetness, expertly tempered with touches of invigorating mint lead.

Let Juul lead you to the heights of contemporary nicotine enjoyment with this heady blend of flavours, simultaneously soothing and scintillating. With Alpine Berry vape pods, your next mountain retreat is only a puff away.


3. JUUL Pods Golden Tobacco


Juul respects the fact that many mature, modern vape users still appreciate classic, old-world flavours. These vape pods are a contemporary reworking of one of the most time-honoured flavours, giving you the chance to enjoy a quintessential tobacco flavour with sleek, modern style.

Golden Tobacco Juul Pods give you all of the warm, unmistakable flavour of a rich blend of roasted, golden tobacco leaves. Elegant yet rugged, this earthen, woodsy flavour profile is bold and full-bodied. Consummately crafted, it’s ruggedness is nonetheless tinged with a deeply satisfying smoothness.

The use of nic salts ensures that none of this bold flavour goes to waste. Like the flavour they carry, each throat hit is both smooth and full-bodied, delivering nicotine satisfaction both immediate and enduring.

Golden Tobacco Juul pods thread together a hazy nostalgia with a shimmering image of a future to come. Far from being disorienting, this imperceptible swirl serves to place you squarely in the present; mindful, appreciative, and fully attuned to the current moment of satisfaction. Reliable relaxation meets futuristic flair, creating a contemporary classic.

2. JUUL Pods Mango Nectar


Juul likes to keep things straightforward. Never a brand to make things needlessly uncluttered, rather than flood the market with endless flavours, they stick to what they know customers want.

Keeping in line with their small, carefully selected range of flavours, their sole fruit vape pod is one of the most popular fruit flavours across the entire vaping market. Mango Nectar Juul Pods deliver a bright burst of sun-soaked flavour.

Mango is a perennial favourite flavour amongst fans of fruity vapes, and for good reason. Ripe and juicy, their mouthwatering natural sweetness stays satisfying, without ever becoming sickly. A fruit fiesta that stays fresh all day, these Mango Nectar vape pods are a tried and tested tropical tantaliser.

Are you ready to feel the sun on your face? To feel your inner fire rekindled, your spirits refreshed and renewed? If so, Mango Nectar Juul Pods are just the ticket. Dreaming of that tropical island getaway? Well, dream no more — it’s only a puff away.


1. JUUL Pods Glacier Mint


If we were to try and sum up the Juul brand, encapsulating its essence among the broad field of vaping, we would say that it’s fresh and clean. So perhaps it comes as no surprise that our top vape pod flavour from Juul is one of the freshest, cleanest flavours on the market.

Glacier Mint Juul Pods deliver captivating, cooling layers of mesmerising mint flavour. Crystal clear, yet surprisingly complex, these vape pods contain an enviable depth of flavour, wherein brighter, more immediate tinges of crisp peppermint and bright spearmint are contrasted with mellower undercurrents of soothing menthol.

Prepare your body, mind, and soul for reinvigoration as you enter the awe-inspiring architecture of this ice palace of refreshing flavour. Glacier Mint Juul Pods represent the jaw-dropping peak of excellence when it comes to mint-flavoured vaping.

The adventurous among us know that what we at last find on any journey, is ourselves. This vaping experience will lift you to dizzying new heights, ultimately bringing you back to yourself, only refreshed, renewed, and revitalised.

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